God’s Love

During an argument with a spouse or significant other, many of us just want our points to be heard and validated. Mainly, we want to be right! What happens when you are not heard? Or right….for that matter? What do you do? Get quiet, sulk, and get in your feelings? Or maybe we let our […]

Change, Weight Loss, Oh what a journey ahead!

Ahhhh…the joys and pains of a weight loss journey! You try sooooo many things you hear about from family, friends or in stores. This is one of the most talked about subjects. What works and what doesn’t. Most of the time it boils down to us not staying the course. If we don’t see quick […]

A Sip of Tea

I have the hardest time losing weight. Growing up, I was always the “thicker” one and when I lost weight it was due to not eating. Not a healthy way to grow up as a child. I wanted to fit in with the “it crowd” instead of being me. I honestly didn’t know who I […]

Dare To Be Different!

Are you different from people around you? Are your thoughts always considered left field whenever in a discussion?  Have you ever avoided speaking to keep the peace?  Well, if you answered yes…keep reading. I’m so different, I could be considered weird. I can laugh now, but a while ago I didn’t know how to handle […]

Marriage….Little Girl Dream vs Reality?

Have you really sat and thought about what marriage is? What it means to commit to one person under God forever? Many just think of the “BIG DAY” without much thought to what happens the day after. As a little girl, I used to think of the gorgeous, all white dress embellished with Swarovski Crystals […]