Taming the Tongue???

The question is can this ever be done???? We live in a society that hangs on every word that comes out of a person’s mouth.  We can curse someone or we can uplift them with the words we speak.  Most times we think we can say whatever we want to people because we think “we […]

New Day…New Thoughts!

Each new day is a time for change. Even God said in his word, to renew our minds daily. Yet, many wait until today for a day of reflection of an entire year! Don’t get me wrong, if it works for you then go for it. Let’s think of it this way…we make many “so […]

Dare To Be Different!

Are you different from people around you? Are your thoughts always considered left field whenever in a discussion?  Have you ever avoided speaking to keep the peace?  Well, if you answered yes…keep reading. I’m so different, I could be considered weird. I can laugh now, but a while ago I didn’t know how to handle […]

Love….Do you know him?

Love means many things to many people. Whether it’s being in love with someone special, loving your friends, loving your family unconditionally, or being able to truly love yourself…..Love simply is LOVE. The best meaning I know is God is love! He loved us enough to give us Jesus, who died for our sins, so […]

Marriage….Little Girl Dream vs Reality?

Have you really sat and thought about what marriage is? What it means to commit to one person under God forever? Many just think of the “BIG DAY” without much thought to what happens the day after. As a little girl, I used to think of the gorgeous, all white dress embellished with Swarovski Crystals […]

Lost In Circumstances?

Are you tired of letting your circumstances define you? Limiting a world of possibilities because you are facing some unfortunate and unplanned events. STOP IT RIGHT NOW! This is more for me than it is for you. I’m so beside myself right now that I don’t see how to make this right. But God stepped […]