A Tear Finally Left My Eye

She’s not a cryer, more of a hard core type of woman. She would rather find a solution than deal with the pain of a situation. She spent a good part of her adult life wearing a cast around her heart. Hurt? No, she didn’t feel it. She would try to prevent situations or act […]


Have you had something so subtle creep in your marriage to cause a riff that seemed catastrophic? It caused nagging, constant irritation, and lack of sexual desire by your spouse and you got to the point you were ready to blast them to someone else? Well I was there, but God stepped in. Let me […]

Finding Faith Through Pain

Have you ever had a life altering conversation that was ordained by God? Well…OMG I did and chains were broken. No more fear of judgment of past transgressions or feeling less than the woman God designed me to be.  Best advice: Pray for a God ordained prayer and accountability partner! The one God gave me […]