I love recognizing God’s work in my life! From waking me up, being of sound mind, having my family wake up, and loving myself finally! Loving myself hasn’t been easy, But God! You ask…how can you not love yourself? Easy, you aren’t true to yourself. My self image was distorted. I wasn’t thinking God created […]


Admitting your true identity can be scary, yet eye opening all at the same time! Have you ever covered a part of yourself up so much that you even started to believe your own lie? The statement….”And the truth shall set you free” is really powerful. It sets you free from bondage of a bunch […]


Have you ever just had a pure, unexplainable, excited feeling? Where it just makes you smile and want to share the joy with everyone you come in contact with? Well, I do right now! I can’t tell you why, but I know without a doubt that God is causing it. I can’t see it, can’t […]

Finding Faith Through Pain

Have you ever had a life altering conversation that was ordained by God? Well…OMG I did and chains were broken. No more fear of judgment of past transgressions or feeling less than the woman God designed me to be.  Best advice: Pray for a God ordained prayer and accountability partner! The one God gave me […]