Trees….Letting Go While Remaining Rooted

Have you ever really looked at a tree? As the fall sets in, the leaves change colors to beautiful different shades all on one tree then die and fall off! Let’s go further as the tree remains the same deeply rooted in the ground. Spring comes after a barren period and new green life emerges. […]

Truth of your own Reality

Reality can hit you like a ton of bricks or when it’s served to an open heart can be welcomed like a warm embrace. Today, it was welcomed like a warm embrace. No one wants to confront their issues that they obviously made a bed for in their lives. It’s time to get off that […]

True Success Is……Loving Yourself First!

By God’s Grace, success looks like your reflection in the mirror. We tend to put success in a monetary, materialistic or even how the world may view a person. But true success is when you can stare at the reflection in the mirror with the truest love and acceptance of yourself just as you are. […]