Rude Awakening

Today, I woke up. Mind you now, God wakes me up every morning. But today was different. For months, I have struggled with what my purpose is, my real identity outside of being a wife, mother, friend and family member. For so long, I have tried to please everyone around me, but didn’t realize in […]

Taming the Tongue???

The question is can this ever be done???? We live in a society that hangs on every word that comes out of a person’s mouth.  We can curse someone or we can uplift them with the words we speak.  Most times we think we can say whatever we want to people because we think “we […]

The Day After We Were Married!

I woke up married and thought I knew how to be a wife. Boy oh boy was I wrong. No premarital counseling….Why didn’t anyone recommend it? We didn’t even think of it, so I couldn’t blame anyone for our own misgivings. We’ve now been married for almost 8 years, which God has truly blessed and […]


Admitting your true identity can be scary, yet eye opening all at the same time! Have you ever covered a part of yourself up so much that you even started to believe your own lie? The statement….”And the truth shall set you free” is really powerful. It sets you free from bondage of a bunch […]

Alzheimers vs Cancer

There are so many different diseases out there, How did Alzheimers and Cancer creep it’s way in? It snuck in like the silent of night Wrecking havoc in my great-grandmother brain. Her state became altered and her mind Unclear. Why oh why did you choose my great-grandmother dear? It was our first experience with this […]