Happy New Year!! 2016

Happy New Year! Many people make resolutions to do or try new things, only to fall back in old patterns within a week. Why not this year seek God for His plans for your life. His Grace and Mercy is NEW each morning, so with God everything is New each day! Try Him for yourself […]


Have you ever just had a pure, unexplainable, excited feeling? Where it just makes you smile and want to share the joy with everyone you come in contact with? Well, I do right now! I can’t tell you why, but I know without a doubt that God is causing it. I can’t see it, can’t […]

New Day…New Thoughts!

Each new day is a time for change. Even God said in his word, to renew our minds daily. Yet, many wait until today for a day of reflection of an entire year! Don’t get me wrong, if it works for you then go for it. Let’s think of it this way…we make many “so […]