Betrayal of the body

My skin feels like it’s ready to come off. I’ve dealt with many different health and sexual issues, but this is different.  I thought giving up the desires of the flesh was hard, but this is WOW! Every muscle and joint hurts, don’t feel like myself and nothing soothes the pain. The confusion in my […]

Peace of Mind

Do you change your mind often? Not just being indecisive, but as God wants us to renew our minds daily. Ask yourself this question, what baggage are you still carrying that God has already handled? God allowed a situation to arise in my life, that allowed old things to come flooding back. This should not […]

Finding Faith Through Pain

Have you ever had a life altering conversation that was ordained by God? Well…OMG I did and chains were broken. No more fear of judgment of past transgressions or feeling less than the woman God designed me to be.  Best advice: Pray for a God ordained prayer and accountability partner! The one God gave me […]