Life’s Hiccups

I’m quietly sitting here contemplating how life can truly change in an instant. One minute you can be sailing through the soft waters of life full of blessings and then the next minute, sitting down looking like a deer in headlights. Blind sighted by the turmoil of not only daily routine, BUT LIFE! I feel […]

Don’t birth an Ishmael !

Abraham and Sarah Genesis 15-18 The story of Abraham and Sarah is a powerful testimony of faith and patience. There are other principles I will discuss later. God made Abraham the father of many nations. A concept at that time that Abraham couldn’t imagine, especially since he didn’t have an heir to pass things on […]

True Success Is……Loving Yourself First!

By God’s Grace, success looks like your reflection in the mirror. We tend to put success in a monetary, materialistic or even how the world may view a person. But true success is when you can stare at the reflection in the mirror with the truest love and acceptance of yourself just as you are. […]