Breaking Free 

Have you ever been wrestling with sin?  You feel as though it’s trying to take over you time and time again.  You know it’s not right, yet someone close to you drags you back in. You fall, but there’s a nudge from the Holy Spirit saying you can’t keep doing this, there’s so much more God has for you. 

Well, this is where I was stuck and now coming out of. There’s a sin my husband and I were willingly committing together. Many times we tried to walk away, but trying of our own might was Wrong, can’t do it without God. Well, God dealt with me on it and I stopped after a mountain top experience. My husband hasn’t dealt with God regarding our sin. Months passed and all seemed to go well, until the sin caught up with my husband and wrestled him back down. This time I couldn’t hold back and fell with him. God kept giving me outs, choices, and because it was my husband I didn’t want to say no. I secretly blamed him for my fall, but I realize now it’s my own fault. I have a mouth to speak up and say no. I have to be accountable for myself. I struggled with how to get out of this situation and have my husband removed too. Prayer, prayer, prayer and more prayers seemed to be unanswered. I heard God say he has to want to be released from this and then I can work in his life. He has to make a decision. Either me, God, or the world. 

As we continued going to church, I began to notice my husband’s worship began to go deeper. He would listen to sermons now instead of music on our way to work. This brings me to last night. There was a guest evangelist that would be visiting our church by the name of Jonathan Shuttleworth. I was excited to witness this. You see, my son witnessed him during church camp last summer and when I tell you he came home changed. The Holy Spirit was on him and it was life changing for him. I’m tired of straddling the fence and I want to be on fire for God full time. 

The presence of God filled the church for a Sunday night service. When I say it can’t be explained, it can’t. All I can say is that God revealed himself to me in a way I hadn’t experienced before. I witnessed for the first time my husband fall down to his knees to God. He got up a changed man. 

I look at him different now. As a wife should look at her husband…..Filled with love and humble submission to follow him as he follows God. I didn’t see this before and had doubts, but now there is no doubt. 

I’m ready….our services will be held all week and I can’t wait to go deeper in my relationship with God. I want to know him more personally for myself. I know by my own testimonies He is real, yet I desire more intimacy with Him. Time for playing church is over. It’s time for me to do this fully God’s way and seeking His will for my life. 

We were with our two youngest sons and we all came home changed. It’s nothing but God. 

The POWER of God is moving through His people and it’s time to get ready!! He gave us power and authority over all the earth…time to stand on His word and fight!!! The devil has NO POWER! 

My life will face challenges, but we have the victory through Jesus Christ who already paid the price for us that day on Calvary! 

Follow me as My journey continues………..


Love the “Real Me”


If I exposed the real me to you would you still love me? If the saying proves true….truth hurts, would I still love myself?

We all battle with something within that no one knows about. Well, let me be real honest, God knows it ALL! Yet, He loves me….yes, allllllll of me. Would my friends and family say the same thing if they knew the real me? 

I’m running from my past as it is slowly gaining against the shadow of my footsteps. How can I run from myself? Doesn’t my history make me who I am? God whispers….I made you.

Time catches up with me. The older I get, I can’t run from the truth. Either take me as I am, love my flaws and all or I choose to walk away. I say that because no one will continue to hold that much power over my life. I reclaim my power today!

I Am Free…Free indeed knowing God loves me just as I am.

Join me as my journey continues………..

Stop, Drop and Roll

This is so right on time this morning!!

U.P.L.I.F.T. 6:33

At our home, mornings are pretty hectic. With a family of six, there are always a million and one things to do before the kids leave for school and my husband and I leave for work. As much as I realize that change and unexpected things are just another part of life, I prefer to keep them to a minimum . So imagine my frustration this morning when I received adverse news regarding two of my children. I felt as if my already eventful morning became a train wreck in a matter of two seconds.

My initial thought was, “They need to be punished…what can I take away from them?” I immediately started a mental list that included everything from a stern lecture to forced manual labor . In that moment, I was so upset, I felt as if my eyes were crossed! Have you ever been there? After a…

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Love is……


We stand for something….when we are together we can move mountains. One time, one marriage, one life under God. We are imperfect with many flaws that we try everyday to get it right. Sometimes we fall, fall hard thinking we won’t make it, but God steps in and makes it better than we could ever imagine. Our love outweighs our flaws….I get lost in each moment that becomes deeper than the next. Time is all we have to cherish the truth of our souls. No faking, just being who we are running this race hand in hand is the only way we can make it. Please don’t let go of me…….You have my heart that was shattered in a million pieces when you found it and piece by piece you have sought God to put it back together again. My life is better because of you.


My journey continues………

The Struggle is Real!


Sometimes you have to step on the struggle  (whatever causes you to stumble) and make it the foundation from which to grow on!

or because of these surpassingly great revelations. Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

2 Corinthians 12:7-10 NIV

Remembering This Day!


Today is a remarkable day in history. Let’s pause and take a moment to prepare for what we are about to embark on. God did something no human could fathom doing with their child. I have 3 sons and couldn’t imagine sacrificing one, but I would sacrifice myself for them. Ohhhh but 4 letters changed history and our eternity forever. LOVE…..

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son….. I could stop right there and have an overflow of emotions at what those words really mean. Jesus went through the unimaginable to save each and every one of our lives. ~ PAUSE ~ Think about that for a few seconds….. We are forgiven, we are free from sin, we have an eternal resting place that we can’t even begin to picture, the blood He shed cleanses our iniquities and transgressions. A New day of Grace and Mercy each morning He breathes new life in us.

The pain He endured on the cross, the nails, the crown of thorns, the piercing of His side and all after carrying the cross leading to His death. His last words…Forgive them Father, for they no not what they do….He is still showing us The Love that is without condition for us!

Thank you Jesus! Words I can’t say enough even until my last breath. I’m far from perfect, still a sinner, still stumble and fall….yet He picks me up, brushes me off and Loves me like a newborn baby each time.

As tears stream down…..thankful He saw fit to bless us with the gift of the Holy Spirit that dwells within each of us. Nope it’s not luck, gut, or intuition….it’s the Holy Spirit. Give Him his due praise and glory for all the dangers seen and unseen that he has protected us from as well as the doors that He opened. We don’t deserve all that He does for us, but He does it anyway!!

Remember God loves you, even when man, friend, family fails….God is always there!

May God continue to bless and keep you all……Join me as my journey continues….

Happy New Year!! 2016

Happy New Year! Many people make resolutions to do or try new things, only to fall back in old patterns within a week. Why not this year seek God for His plans for your life. His Grace and Mercy is NEW each morning, so with God everything is New each day! Try Him for yourself and not based off what someone else says. God is a loving God who loves us through our mess. He sent His only begotten son to die for our sins. So let’s forgive ourselves for things we have done, as well as forgive others who have wronged us. It doesn’t mean we have to fall back into a close relationship with the person who wronged us, it just allows God to continue to hear us.

Read His word and ask God to guide you in the direction you should go.

My prayer is that each of you be strengthened in love, peace and joy that doesn’t come from a person or a moment, but what God gives you nothing can compare!

A season of release to allow God to pour in us the New things He has for us! I lift my hands in total praise to you. I give you all the glory and honor today! Let your will take over my own will for my life. I surrender it all to you now! In Jesus name, Amen!