Hopeful, yet Gracefully Broken

Shattered dreams once again. You have the faith bigger than a mustard seed, with hope that a person will acknowledge you. A hope that allows the hurt to hit harder and harder each time. A hope that will make you smile and excited when for once they acknowledge you and show you a glimmer that your hope was not in vain. Then silence falls, no more calls, no texts, not even a happy birthday. There’s only one of you in their lives, but you clearly have been replaced. A thought of what can you do to bring awareness back alive in them. To remember that you even exist. Yet, they should revel in the fact that you are a strong, beautiful woman they call, “daughter!” Although, this word means absolutely nothing to them. Well, it may when it’s convenient to them or a memory crosses their mind. I know marriage is sacred and comes first. Although, I don’t know anywhere in the bible that says forget your child. I’m thankful for one of my dearest friends, asked me did I want to take the high road in a situation. I knew it was right and petty pants wanted to be worn, but I did the right thing anyway. My face is tired of being mentally slapped. At the end of it all, I know God and my heart are the most important things for me to heal. I’m broken, saddened by the recent events, but by the Grace of God, it will get better. I’ve acknowledged the pain and hurt to allow God to restore the brokenness. One day hoping he says the words, his daughter wants to hear, I love you, punkin! But, if that day never comes again, I will do better with my own kids to make sure they will always know they hold a place in my heart.

A daughter and father with an absent relationship! But God

Join me as my journey continues……

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