Life’s Hiccups

I’m quietly sitting here contemplating how life can truly change in an instant. One minute you can be sailing through the soft waters of life full of blessings and then the next minute, sitting down looking like a deer in headlights. Blind sighted by the turmoil of not only daily routine, BUT LIFE! I feel like a tree that was uprooted during a violent thunderstorm. No tornado, no valid reasoning, winds just hit, then suddenly…..BOOM! Heart shattering into a million different pieces and scattered places you won’t ever find where they fell. I am having a rough time holding on to the little piece of hope I have left. Everywhere I look I see hurt, brokenness, pain, sadness, loss and I haven’t even turned from the mirror yet. The strong, deeply rooted tree that once withstood the numerous natural forces of nature is now gone. The roots, along with a small piece of the base are left in the ground, but what is visible is down. It took down fences and even part of a house with it. The house is now exposed and no one can reside there. This is the best explanation of myself, my heart and my family. I fell, completely caught off guard at what life was throwing at me. Even though my heart is shattered, I still know God is in control. When I fell, my family fell too! We are exposed and the work to rebuild has to be done from the inside out with God!

It feels like a spiritual attack and the only way I can fight back is on my knees in prayer. Only thing I can stand on is God’s word! The words for prayer are sometimes just tears that fall down my cheek. I can’t put the words together, but He hears my cries.

The pieces of my heart cry out to Him!! Only He can put the million pieces back together even better than I can fathom.

Join me as my journey continues……………………………

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