He’s Risen

No longer in the grave….Jesus has risen….He’s Alive! Not even death could hold him. He did it all for us…Yes, you and me!! So that we might be free from sin and have eternal life with Him and His Father! This is the best expression of Love….For He gave His only begotten son…..Pause and really think about this! Lord, for this, I will always praise and worship you! You are worthy of our praise!!

Forgiveness is a must! Jesus forgave those who crucified him on the cross. This is powerful, because we hold grudges against friends, family, coworkers, and even people who we never met who we felt have wronged us. They offended or hurt us in some way. Forgiveness is for you, not them. It doesn’t give a pass to the wrong, yet it opens up your heart to continue to hear and receive all God has for you! Your heart is no longer hardened!! It frees you from putting people on a pedestal that only God belongs. We must be careful because things and people came become a form of idolatry which is a sin. So to keep our relationship growing in Christ, we must evaluate ourselves within with God, instead of outside in the world.

Be ready to receive all God has for you by opening your heart to all Jesus has done for you!! He gave His Life for you!!

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