Yet, He died for us, so we might have life….Let’s pause and realize how great a sacrifice that must be. Problem is, we can’t even begin to wrap our minds around such a thing. We weren’t made to get the full picture, we were made to trust Him fully and with Faith! Do you praise Him for who He is? Or what He does? Both are right, but one is greater and what he designed us for! Praise Him for who he is and thank Him for what He does according to His will for your life! He is our all in all, our everything, Love, sin intercession, Gift giver…Holy Spirit, Healer, breathes new life in us each day, and He is Omnipresent! What is He to you? What are you doing with your life each day? Grace and Mercy are new each day, yet we carry baggage around that He said in His word to cast our cares on Him. So why the baggage? Do we just listen to what Pastors, friends, grandparents say about God or do we know Him and His word for ourselves?? I urge you to dig deeper in your relationship with Him. Ask Him to guide you to the scriptures and read with and open heart to receive Him.

Father, I humbly approach your throne of Grace. Father, I worship you, praise you and give you all the glory and honor! I ask that you touch every heart that reads this to seek your face and be encouraged today. Whatever is hurting them, grant them peace, what is missing…fill them with you, and most of all allow them to feel your Love today! Heal our bodies and mind, so we can have clear wisdom to grow deeper with you! Whatever your will for our lives today…we submit to you and receive in full faith all that is for us!! Thank you….In Jesus name, Amen!!

Say it, Now SCREAM IT…I have the Victory!!

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