Game of Life

Today’s the day to shift your focus from your circumstances to God. A full surrender to God’s will for your life. Whatever He has told you to do….DO IT!! Baby steps, small steps, leaping in or even a full on Jump….Get back in the game! We may be sidelined for a moment, but that’s not our forever place. Our place is in the game of our life with God as the head coach. In any game you seek direction from the coach, same thing here. You don’t ask a different player tips that knows nothing about your position. We may get hit, knocked down, but we get back up! We may be bruised, broken, and even disgusted BUT GOD….for He has not left us and this is when His greatest work can be done. We can no longer do it ourselves and things that don’t belong in our lives, He is removing. The pruning process hurts, but its very necessary. Stop resisting and let go of things that are hindering you from your groWTH….Allow Him to complete His greatest masterpiece……YOU!

Join me as my journey continues…….. 

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