The Touch of Love

Have you ever wondered what love would feel like? Sure, we think of the butterflies dancing in our bellies, goosebumps on our arms, or soft kisses to our foreheads or even making love. Yet, tonight was very different. I felt love very different from what I experienced in the past. As my husband sat on the end of my side of the bed, he grabbed both of my legs. One in his lap and other was bent. You could see the days exhaustion across his face, yet I could see I mattered more at that very moment. As he softly rubbed my foot, he traced every angle of my leg. He would rub the crease behind my knee and sat there for about 15 minutes enjoying what he loved….ME! He didn’t complain, he didn’t speak……He just looked at me with pure love in his eyes. I felt something I can’t really explain. All I could think about was this is how Jesus loves us. Despite our many flaws, sins, times we turn against Him, or just say prayers to get something….He still loves us. Agape Love. Never experienced it until that night with my husband. It becomes deep when you are aware of each moment and even deeper when you are able to be present in that moment without a cloudy mind. If I would have been sleepy or thinking about the next days worries, I would have missed out on experiencing the truest love my husband can share with me. We often forget and can easily take love for granted thinking it will always be there. Love can fade when it’s not nurtured and cherished from the depths of one’s soul. I’m so very thankful that my love for him has grown for him since that night. I thank God for him because he continues to teach me the real meaning of love. 

How many “Love Moments” have your missed out on????

Join me as my journey continues……………….

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