Breaking Free 

Have you ever been wrestling with sin?  You feel as though it’s trying to take over you time and time again.  You know it’s not right, yet someone close to you drags you back in. You fall, but there’s a nudge from the Holy Spirit saying you can’t keep doing this, there’s so much more God has for you. 

Well, this is where I was stuck and now coming out of. There’s a sin my husband and I were willingly committing together. Many times we tried to walk away, but trying of our own might was Wrong, can’t do it without God. Well, God dealt with me on it and I stopped after a mountain top experience. My husband hasn’t dealt with God regarding our sin. Months passed and all seemed to go well, until the sin caught up with my husband and wrestled him back down. This time I couldn’t hold back and fell with him. God kept giving me outs, choices, and because it was my husband I didn’t want to say no. I secretly blamed him for my fall, but I realize now it’s my own fault. I have a mouth to speak up and say no. I have to be accountable for myself. I struggled with how to get out of this situation and have my husband removed too. Prayer, prayer, prayer and more prayers seemed to be unanswered. I heard God say he has to want to be released from this and then I can work in his life. He has to make a decision. Either me, God, or the world. 

As we continued going to church, I began to notice my husband’s worship began to go deeper. He would listen to sermons now instead of music on our way to work. This brings me to last night. There was a guest evangelist that would be visiting our church by the name of Jonathan Shuttleworth. I was excited to witness this. You see, my son witnessed him during church camp last summer and when I tell you he came home changed. The Holy Spirit was on him and it was life changing for him. I’m tired of straddling the fence and I want to be on fire for God full time. 

The presence of God filled the church for a Sunday night service. When I say it can’t be explained, it can’t. All I can say is that God revealed himself to me in a way I hadn’t experienced before. I witnessed for the first time my husband fall down to his knees to God. He got up a changed man. 

I look at him different now. As a wife should look at her husband…..Filled with love and humble submission to follow him as he follows God. I didn’t see this before and had doubts, but now there is no doubt. 

I’m ready….our services will be held all week and I can’t wait to go deeper in my relationship with God. I want to know him more personally for myself. I know by my own testimonies He is real, yet I desire more intimacy with Him. Time for playing church is over. It’s time for me to do this fully God’s way and seeking His will for my life. 

We were with our two youngest sons and we all came home changed. It’s nothing but God. 

The POWER of God is moving through His people and it’s time to get ready!! He gave us power and authority over all the earth…time to stand on His word and fight!!! The devil has NO POWER! 

My life will face challenges, but we have the victory through Jesus Christ who already paid the price for us that day on Calvary! 

Follow me as My journey continues………..

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