Love the “Real Me”


If I exposed the real me to you would you still love me? If the saying proves true….truth hurts, would I still love myself?

We all battle with something within that no one knows about. Well, let me be real honest, God knows it ALL! Yet, He loves me….yes, allllllll of me. Would my friends and family say the same thing if they knew the real me? 

I’m running from my past as it is slowly gaining against the shadow of my footsteps. How can I run from myself? Doesn’t my history make me who I am? God whispers….I made you.

Time catches up with me. The older I get, I can’t run from the truth. Either take me as I am, love my flaws and all or I choose to walk away. I say that because no one will continue to hold that much power over my life. I reclaim my power today!

I Am Free…Free indeed knowing God loves me just as I am.

Join me as my journey continues………..

4 thoughts on “Love the “Real Me”

  1. God does love us! It is an amazing and wonderful thought to know God loves us even when He knows who we really are. It is easy to become caught up in what others think of us. In the grand scheme of things though,it is the view God has of us that really matters. Sometimes confidence is lacking in our lives because we become so focused on how others see us we neglect to live how Christ would have us live. I am performing research on the topic of confidence and would love it if you would fill out my survey. May we focus less on what others think of us and focus more on who Christ would have us be.

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    • Yes, He does. So true! Others views of us don’t really matter. Goes back to the scripture of renewing our minds daily and not conforming to the world. God’s word is so full of everything we need. Confidence in God’s will and purpose for our lives. We must balance it for ourselves. Confidence is good but we must be careful to not allow it to turn to a over zealous ego and pride. I will check out the survey. Thanks so much! Hope you have a Beautiful and Blessed Day!

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      • Confidence in God not ourselves is how we should go through this life. One of my favorite verses is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Whatever His will is for each of our lives we can do it, we can live it because He WILL strengtheneth us. God’s promises are truly wonderful!

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