Our new puppy, Pepper!


My husband wanted to surprise me with a dog for mother’s day, but it fell through. I was so excited that he was even thinking about getting me a dog. No one has ever given me one. The lady offers me the puppy of my choice since her dog was now pregnant. Oh Wow….even better! My husband got the text June 30th that she was in labor. The real research began from articles on the type of puppy she was, how to train, studying food content and getting house ready for the little one. My husband said just don’t turn into one of those “dog people” LOL I said I won’t. (Little did we know ;))

First pic, I fell in love. She was 2 weeks old and had just opened her eyes. Saw pics of her, her sister and brother. Without a doubt she was my first choice. I was counting down the days til she came home. Picked out the vet after talking to a few friends with dogs. My husband and I went shopping for dog food and had all her things ready for her. I told my husband he can still surprise me when he will bring her home.  His coworker was awesome in getting pics and answering questions. She’s a blessing!

Surprise, Pepper comes home! She was sooooo little and quiet. She had to get used to her new surroundings. She ate her dinner out of the palm of my hand. Our youngest son, was smitten with her. He was the one we thought wouldn’t have anything to do with her. Pepper has created a new dimension of family and love in our house. We didn’t even watch TV, we sat around each other watching her play as we talked.

Blessings come in all forms and Pepper has been a blessing to us. She is a shih tzu mixed with chihuahua and will be 15 weeks Tuesday. She’s maybe 4 pounds now. She’s so smart and potty trained about 80%. She loves to be held, but loves her alone playtime with her toys. God answers prayers, because I truly prayed for a good, healthy dog.

The funny things with Daddy and Pepper seem to happen when I’m at work. He called to tell me he was taking her to work with him.  She was in his car inside her carrier. He had to stop and clean up something, and guess who loves the grass? You guessed it….Pepper! Before he knew it, she jumped out of his car to the grass. Lol

We have had her 9 weeks and she is smart, amazing and spoiled. But in a good way. She loves Daddy’s socks, my house shoes, and our middle son’s toes. This has been an exciting adventure for us and we wouldn’t trade one moment in for anything in the world.

Join me as my journey continues…….

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