Trees….Letting Go While Remaining Rooted


Have you ever really looked at a tree? As the fall sets in, the leaves change colors to beautiful different shades all on one tree then die and fall off! Let’s go further as the tree remains the same deeply rooted in the ground. Spring comes after a barren period and new green life emerges. A tree may be totally uprooted by a horrific occurrence, but it may just be the end of that trees journey just as in our life.  A tree can be an example of life…we are planted, nurtured, fed by parents as we take root and grow in Gods word as he planned for us. Our outward appearance changes as we go through phases in our lives. Yet our core values and principles remain the same. There are seasons of growth and development as well as quiet, barren times and hiding places. Branches are pruned to prevent them from falling or damaging things surrounding it. Same as God prunes us of dead things in our lives. Trees freely let it go, but we try to hold on. Like a tree frees it’s will…we must learn to free our will to God willingly without any bargaining. God gives us so much to embrace in nature, so take time to cherish and witness his greatest gifts that are right before your eyes. 

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