Truth of your own Reality


Reality can hit you like a ton of bricks or when it’s served to an open heart can be welcomed like a warm embrace. Today, it was welcomed like a warm embrace. No one wants to confront their issues that they obviously made a bed for in their lives. It’s time to get off that bed and throw it away. If we want to live life fully, we must live in the truth of that life. I appreciate hearing my faults today. I realize there is hidden fear inside that needs to be dealt with. A work in progress, yet being aware of it makes the process better.

God sends people to birth you into your next dimension. Today, God used my husband to do that. A wake up call that was much needed. Renewing your mind daily with the truth. When God is pruning me, it doesn’t feel good yet it’s for my good. I must embrace the whole person who is staring back in the mirror. I must no longer be held captive by what others think. Why? They don’t define me. God has already said He made me in His likeness.

Clearing out a lot of wrong thinking is like cleaning our the kitchen junk drawer. You find old ketchup packets, soy sauce, some are almost empty, some may have burst from pressure and find things that may be of use now you forgot about. Time to find your self confidence, your inner beauty that makes the outward beauty shine and be the fearless person God has made you to be.

God will strip away people that you tend to hide behind to allow you to flourish into the beautiful butterfly He always wanted you to be. Fly, soar, expand your horizon!

Shine Diamond, Shine!! Stand in the fullness of God’s glory walking in His purpose set for your life!

Excuses be gone… my journey continues……..

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