Mind & Body….Lost 23lbs.


Weight loss has always been a struggle for me throughout my entire life. I’m thankful because I don’t necessarily look like what the scale says, but I felt like it. I was a size 18 stretchy jean and top XL to XXL depending on material. It’s amazing what fat cells do to your body. They poke out of places that used to be normal. Wow..Lol! I can laugh now because I’ve forgiven myself for neglecting me for so long. Weight was a mask of issues that needed to be resolved before I could lose it.

Weight doesn’t define you, but it can hide you. Meaning you can hide your real issues behind food. Not realizing how we treat our bodies which are a temple in God’s eyes, very poorly.

Down 23 pounds…..Yes, that’s ME!!!! I’ve never been a health nut…LOL I eat and hits my under waist region..LBVS  I absolutely love sweets and there lies my downfall. I had no intentions of giving it up. Sodas yes, but sweets was like Ms. Ceely and her sister on color purple…we must never part!! I tried many times, different products, walking, exercise, my kind of eating right, but I fell off the wagon time and time again. My mind and my body never lined up.

I have been allergic to some products, medicines, plus all fresh fruit, even swell when I walked or worked out. Doctors couldn’t tell me why. Water pills were of no help.  It truly took prayer and a healthy self image to get my mind and body lined up. Finally!!!!  I divorced food, using a healthy organic tea detox and with God as my guide I will make it. After the detox, a friend of mine told me to try organic fruit. Bingo…It worked!!  I have found new foods and recipes I probably wouldn’t have ever tried. Cauliflower crust pizza is my new favorite. Yummy!! Oh Wow….I stepped completely out of my comfort zone. I cut out all sugar, flour, fried foods and chocolate from my diet.

For 2 months now…..Yesssss…Lifestyle change! I admit, it takes you forever grocery shopping reading every label, but for me and my family it’s worth it! Much needed and for my body, well deserved! I feel soooo much better now, my knees don’t hurt so I don’t walk like I’m an old lady..Lol, I can do squats, walk without swelling and maintain an active metabolism. I feel soooo much better. I thank God I’m not where I used to be….Stuck! I’m on my own journey, enjoying every moment of it.

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