God allowed us to go through things to be a blessing or providing a kind word to others.  Must the misery we endure be in vain?  NO! Tell your testimony when you have the chance.  Stop being ashamed, but be grateful God brought you through it and never left you.  We may quickly think he left us, but the gift of the Holy Spirit is forever present within us.  We must use the tools he gave us to tap into this.   When two countries go to war, each meets and creates a plan of attack before entering battle.  This same principle holds true for each human daily.  We are at war and need to have a plan to attack Satan from every angle.  The Bible tells us exactly what we need to do to have the “Victory”.  Many of us miss this concept.  It’s really sad because we see this every day in the world today. This is why God wanted all of his people to be disciples to spread his greatest gift of all “Love” throughout all the nations.  We need this now more than ever.  We have so many issues of Mothers against their children, brothers against brothers, dads against daughters, we mistreat elderly, and yet we have come to think this is how the world is.  We no longer uplift each other, manners are a thing of the past, violence is at an all- time high, children are being killed at the hands of their parents, and we continue to discuss God as if he doesn’t exist.  How can we continue to ignore it?    You look at the world today and see so many lost souls and it truly breaks my heart.  We see scriptures in the Bible happening right before our eyes.  It’s time to stop hiding behind the Bible and start telling about the Bible.  We can tell about a good movie, a great restaurant, or quick to gossip about negative situations or people, but let God take you through something and bring you out……we aren’t so quick to spread the news.   We must accept the fact that God put us all here for his sole purpose to bring the lost souls to salvation.

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