My husband, My Love


Feeling the excitement of seeing his face, the sound of his voice and the taste of his kiss. He smiles as he was anxiously awaiting my arrival. As he stands in the doorway with an umbrella, the rain was falling harder. He emerged from the porch to get me. I quickly gathered my belongings to greet him. His eyes met mine and in that instant the world stopped. My heart beat sped up, my palms got sweaty, and the excitement grazed my face with a smile! Love met me all over again that very day. My husband, my lover, my confidant, my provider, my protector, my heartbeat at that very second swept me off my feet all over again. He never thinks twice when it comes to me. Pouring rain and all he was coming to get his damsel in distress. I forgot my umbrella that day, but I see why now. God had more planned for us. God allowed me to open my eyes and see all I had in my husband! 

As my husband follows God, I humbly follow him. The love I have for him is more than imagined. Just when I thought I was deep, God allows our love to go deeper!

Never ending depths of the sea is where you will find me! Head over heels in love with thee!

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