A Sip of Tea


I have the hardest time losing weight. Growing up, I was always the “thicker” one and when I lost weight it was due to not eating. Not a healthy way to grow up as a child. I wanted to fit in with the “it crowd” instead of being me. I honestly didn’t know who I really was growing up. I was smart and good at a lot of things but I didn’t believe in myself. So many young people are faced with what I was going through.

Even as adults, we have trouble finding ourselves. I am 40 years old. Just being an adult is hard and wanting to live like I want to live is going to happen. I’m “thicker” than average, but the difference is I love myself. I love my curves, I love my stretch marks from my three healthy son’s God gave me, I love absolutely all of me!

I couldn’t lose weight until I accepted myself fully. I tried everything and most worked, but I couldn’t remain committed. I tried juicing, walking, working out, speeding up metabolism, taking natural supplements, weight watchers, wraps, etc.

Now, I’m finally ready. I’ve been walking and drinking tea. The tea has helped give me the motivation I need to keep going. I’ve lost 3 pounds since Wednesday. I still eat my normal meals and this can be a part of my daily lifestyle because I love tea. I drink apple cider vinegar too….Loving this new way of life.

My knees have been feeling so much better and I haven’t been complaining of pain. I want to play baseball with my son’s or walk or bike ride with them. I want them to see my example of commitment so they don’t have to look past their front door for a role model. I will keep you all posted on my road to better health. 

Tea was so good I decided to help others and sell it. Check out my site at http://www.iasotea.com/kshields or http://www.lose5in5tlc.info

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