Have you had something so subtle creep in your marriage to cause a riff that seemed catastrophic? It caused nagging, constant irritation, and lack of sexual desire by your spouse and you got to the point you were ready to blast them to someone else? Well I was there, but God stepped in. Let me share this with you….I just went on a girls weekend to the Smoky Mountains! It was absolutely amazing!  I was counting down the days and ready to run from every problem I thought my husband was the root of. I was preparing my thoughts to share with my BFF before, so we could have late night gossip sessions or I should say confessions from me. When we arrived up in the mountains, experiencing the presence of God something began to change. ME…..My confessions were made known to God only, but He showed me I was the problem. WOW! I wasn’t ready for that, yet it was needed! What do you do when God says dig deep and let go of those old things that are separating me from you. My heart wasn’t open, honestly it began to harden because I didn’t want to get hurt or suffer defeat. The person I loved the most was paying a penalty he knew nothing about.  God, I want to see clearly was my prayer. He revealed new things about the mountains every day.  If I wasn’t high up, I would have missed it. After my arrival home, things have been renewed and more passionate between us. I left broken, defeated, ready to throw in the towel and came home full of joy, peace and love!  Only God can do the changing, but I decided to fully surrender to His Will. It’s different when you give Him all of you rather than parts. I’m readyyyyyy….Finally, to run this race He has set before me! With a content heart set with love and openness, I awaken my soul to receiving the fullness of Grace God gives me daily!


One thought on “Awakening

  1. Karen, this is such an eye opening blog. I truly commend you on having the courage to be totally honest and transparent. Your comments echo what so many of us face in our own marriage, but are too ashamed, angry, confused or embarrassed to admit. I am so thankful for your testimony and I rejoice with you in what God has in store for your marriage and you personally.

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