Mountain View


This is the view from just one of the rooms in our cabin in the mountains. Sitting here bright and early watching the clouds roll off the tops revealing the city and homes that are placed within the mountains as well as below. Some are neatly nestled among the trees only revealing themselves at just the right time. The Holy Spirit was speaking to me showing me that, God’s glory is revealed at just right time for those who are patient and willing to be on the look out for Him. We have to remain ready and keep our focus on Him at all times. The world down below can’t see the view from high up, but when God lifts you up out of the troubles of the world, He shows you things that you can’t imagine. Be ready and diligently seek Him in all things! Ask Him to reveal things that are concealing the true vision of your life…time to let go of things that are hindering you from fulfilling His purpose in your life. Tired of Delay?? Time to reach out for Destiny!!! Thank you Jesus for this beautiful day!


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