Taming the Tongue???


The question is can this ever be done???? We live in a society that hangs on every word that comes out of a person’s mouth.  We can curse someone or we can uplift them with the words we speak.  Most times we think we can say whatever we want to people because we think “we are grown!” So, I don’t care what anyone else thinks.  This is a huge misleading thought that we have made the “NORM” of today’s world. Problem being we set the stage for how our children are developing.  Today’s youth are losing respect for the older generation.  It is so sad to see how disrespectful youth are and not to mention the adults.  We treat each other so poorly and wonder why the world in the state is disarray. We forget that God made us all to share his love each day to others.  Yet, the simplest form of kindness either gets unnoticed or we think someone wants something from us.  Why can’t we smile at each other without frowning or wondering what’s wrong with them. Society is so quick to be negative yet craves the positive things out of life.  What I mean by that, is we look at all the negative things and have the nerve to “hate on” our friends/family when something good happens to them.  We can’t be happy truly happy for them without wondering why it can’t happen to us. In fact, we expect everyone to be happy for us when something good happens. Jealousy is a dangerous cancer that spreads and hinders a lot of people’s spiritual growth.  We talk about people like it is the “IN” thing and get so mad when someone talks about us.  You reap what you sow.  Why expect anything different? We speak things into our kids each day…..the choice is are you speaking life or death.  Are you uplifting or creating a defeating atmosphere in your home? Everyone wants the last word or wants their voice to be heard.  But what are you saying? Once you put words out there, you can’t remove them.  We must learn to listen before we speak.  We are quick to let words fly out and think “SORRY” can always solve it.  It simply can’t at times.  Needless to say….taming the tongue is very hard.  Can you ever do it?  Yes and No, we are human, but we can make a conscience effort to be guarded of what people speak into us and what we speak into others.  The bible tells you in James 3:2-12. Stop saying you’re broke and what you can’t do…..Fact or not…speak things as though they already are.  Use other terms to describe your situation in a positive manner.  The big one is the economy…..that is another topic for later, but it has so many complaining, yet they are still buying what they need. Granted, you may have to change some things financially, but grocery stores aren’t closing and neither is McDonald’s.  It’s time to renew our minds daily. We as believers must remember we are in this world, but not of this world.  We must be examples to others.  I’m gonna leave you with this…. There is power of life or death in the tongue.  Remember that the next time you get upset and ready to draw first blood….calm down, pray, and then speak.  Takes LOTS of practice, but worth the try every time!


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