The Day After We Were Married!


I woke up married and thought I knew how to be a wife. Boy oh boy was I wrong. No premarital counseling….Why didn’t anyone recommend it? We didn’t even think of it, so I couldn’t blame anyone for our own misgivings. We’ve now been married for almost 8 years, which God has truly blessed and kept us. I can successfully say that now I’m head over heels in love with my husband! My grandmother always said the truth will set you free.  I will start there. Yet, she forgot to mention the truth hurts and hurts bad.

What is the real, ugly truth? How about getting married with an unstable foundation. Yes, love resided in our hearts, but things much darker resided there as well. Selfishness, being ridiculously spoiled, unforgivness, devious sexual desire, a blended family from my end and some things so dark you don’t want to share.

What happens when sin leads to betrayal? Can you forgive your spouse? Competition among spouses? Age gap creating turmoil? Finances going crazy? Playing detective on phones and computers?? Can’t have a child with your spouse? A few questions to start pondering…..

We are starting to unravel all the mess that was created before and during our marriage. One thing for sure God put us together and He is keeping us together.
We decided to step out in faith and share our story….maybe it will help another couple. Well, that’s up for God to do His part and we will be obedient and do ours….. It’s being written and will share it in parts until completion.

Finding our purpose and join us as our journey continues….

One thought on “The Day After We Were Married!

  1. Oh I love it!! Speaking from experience, yes your story will help so many and will probably prevent many marriages from ending in divorce. There is power in our testimony and power in confronting real issues head on. Thanks for sharing!

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