Peace of Mind


Do you change your mind often? Not just being indecisive, but as God wants us to renew our minds daily. Ask yourself this question, what baggage are you still carrying that God has already handled? God allowed a situation to arise in my life, that allowed old things to come flooding back. This should not be. I had to pause to see if I really let go of those old things and my answer was no. There was still residue of resentment lingering like sticky fingers after a jelly donut. How do you get rid of the stickines?? Wash your hands with soap for at least 30 seconds. How to get rid of the residue in your brain?? Through God’s Word. I didn’t always do this. I would run to friends, then onto family and eventually no one had an answer I wanted to hear. I became frustrated and upset with the people I went to thinking they were useless. I would blame myself because now too many people knew my private business. I bet God was smiling at me…saying look at my child. I’m not gonna help her yet, until she asks me. If I help her too soon, she won’t know it was me. I ran from God, was committing sin after sin with no remorse. I didn’t think God would listen. Until one day, He spoke to my spirit and for the first time I heard him. Oh what a feeling that is! I didn’t want to lose it.

It was an unshakeable peace that I couldn’t explain or share. It has to be experienced. Start with reading His Word and allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to your inner spirit. Having Faith that what He says is true and trusting that no matter what happens, God is still in control.

I know all my memories can’t be erased or my days be spent on a beach with not a care in the world. How lovely that would be, but not reality. What I do know is, God can allow me to change on the inside how I perceive my life and the world around me. I don’t have to be a hostage to my thoughts or victim to my fears. I say firmly…Procrastination and illegal thoughts you are hear by served noticed….You may try to overtake me, but the God I serve won’t let it!!! I am VICTORIOUS!

Thank you Jesus…this is my declaration of a new mindset going forward!! Crawl, walk, or run with me as……The Journey Continues!!


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