I love recognizing God’s work in my life! From waking me up, being of sound mind, having my family wake up, and loving myself finally! Loving myself hasn’t been easy, But God! You ask…how can you not love yourself? Easy, you aren’t true to yourself. My self image was distorted. I wasn’t thinking God created me to be special. In fact, I wasn’t adding God into the equation. That was the Major Problem!!! I wasn’t seeking Him all areas, but only problems. God loves me so much even when I fail him. He has surrounded me by people who love me unconditionally! It’s a handful of people yet only a few related by blood. A somewhat sad realization, but necessary in going forward with forgiveness not only for my own healing, but not being bound by another person’s actions. I used to want to please people, make sure people liked me, but I found out I wasn’t liking myself. I was slowly losing myself in the process because I wasn’t being me. It was a slap in God’s face saying I don’t like how you made me. God doesn’t make mistakes, He can’t lie, most of all God is Love!

Each day, as I dig into His word, I can now look in the mirror and my reflection becomes clearer. My shame, guilt, or past are not the first things I  see. I have forgiveness in my heart not only for others who hurt me, but mainly for me hurting me. I begin emerging from the cocoon I put myself in. I’m now showing the true beauty from deep within. The Holy Spirit has a recognized place inside me. I see Love now resides inside me. I’m thankful for the lessons learned and those that are to come. 

I Love ME! Sometimes you just have to stare in the mirror to see what or who is looking back at you!!

Do you love yourself?

Travel with me as, My journey continues…….


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