Admitting your true identity can be scary, yet eye opening all at the same time! Have you ever covered a part of yourself up so much that you even started to believe your own lie? The statement….”And the truth shall set you free” is really powerful. It sets you free from bondage of a bunch of lies. Who do we think we are really lying to? Others? Yes, but if it’s a true person that knows us, they will see straight through the lie. Ultimately, we are lying to ourselves and that hurts worse than anything. We begin to try to convince ourselves we are the lie. God sees all and knows all. Why do we lie to Him? We say “Oh, I’m not gonna do this anymore” “I don’t want to eat that” “I like him/her, knowing you wanna hurt them” But the biggest lie is Procrastination, because we have every intention of doing something, yet move so slow that it never gets done.

Confession….I am who I am, I like what I like. If I choose to tell you then your important to me, if not then it’s none of your business. I will push myself to move more diligently everyday at my own pace. My only requirement is….Keep it moving! Say it to yourself….I feel better. No one can control me, But God! I’m not aiming to please anyone and I choose to be free from their opinions!

Have a Soul Freeing Day! You only have one life….Live It on Purpose!

My Journey continues…….


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