Have you ever just had a pure, unexplainable, excited feeling? Where it just makes you smile and want to share the joy with everyone you come in contact with? Well, I do right now! I can’t tell you why, but I know without a doubt that God is causing it. I can’t see it, can’t feel it, but it’s a stirring in my spirit that won’t let me go! I’m gonna speak to you without expecting a “Hi” in return. I want to share my joy with everyone. How you may ask? By letting my smile lead the way. No time to dim my light due to circumstances, but allow it to shine brightly in spite of my circumstances. Something will always happen, but it will no longer stop me. I refuse to stop now.

I’m breaking up with procrastination and feeling I deserve less that my very best. If some people closest to me can see what I’m capable of, why can’t I? I realized I was carrying around a little word called defeat. It’s a sneaky little sucker. Oh, but I found him today and kicked him out of my life. I’m a Winner! I’m Victorious! Faith was beating up defeat but there were times when Faith took a good left hook. Defeat would whisper…”Oh, you stopped that business!” “Or you will only make it so far then give up again!” The best one he lied about was “you’re getting older, so you’re running out of time!” Or “say compare yourself to someone else” No, No, No!! Now that I can see more clearly, I’m declaring to Defeat that you are here by defeated in Jesus name…right now, Amen!!

Spend some quiet time with yourself. It’s needed and that’s how I found that pesky defeat. God reveals things to you when you are still and seeking Him. Open your heart, your mind, and invite Him in. He will show you situations and words you have spoken. It’s time to get in tune with His Will for your life. Read His word! Be honest with yourself because He already knows your heart!!

Love and Blessings on your journey because my is being written now….to be continued……….


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