Inside the Will of God


What happens inside the Will of God? The better question is what happens outside the Will of God? Am I obedient when God tells me to do something the first time? What happens if I do it days or even years later? These are some questions that we may be faced with at one time or another.

Inside His will you will find Peace, Wisdom, Grace, Mercy, Joy and Guidance. He goes before you and opens doors no man can close. He makes a way out of no way. He gives you Favor that no one can understand how you are doing what your doing. You will face struggles, but they are preparing you for your next level. As long as He is the head of your life, follow him. We may get off course, step out of line, or flat out please the flesh, but the Holy spirit gives us a way out. Ask for forgiveness and get back in line. Time is of the essence, as we don’t know the day nor the hour. Key for you….Remain Obedient to His Word and directons.

So many times we hollar we want the blessing without proper preparation. Let God finish His work in which He began in you…stop rushing what He has for you. If He said it will come to pass…trust Him as His Word is true! Ask yourself, are you properly equipped to sustain a blessing so powerful that can blow you away if God isn’t there? Let your foundation be properly rooted and grounded, so when He puts you in your place, though winds may blow…you will remain Standing! #patienceprecedespreparation #blessedandhighlyfavored #letHimbreakyou


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