Lesson Learned


On my way to the hospital today, I asked God for an up close parking spot. Seeing as I just had surgery short of 3 weeks ago and it’s cold, I didn’t want to walk very far. So I prayed, already believing I would find one as soon as I left work. Upon my arrival, I see a gentleman in his motor scooter pulling up to his suv. I see a few other ladies walking to him with another scooter. When I looked at it, I said that’s my spot…BUT….I said well he’s gonna take a long time, so let me go in the garage and look. As soon as I entered, I heard a voice say…I gave you exactly what you asked for. Even though it didn’t look like what you asked for and it required patience…you turned the wrong way. I was stunned. You should of seen me hurry to get out of the garage to go put my blinker on, to wait patiently, and pull into my rightful spot. It was truly mine because all of the cars looking for open spots didn’t go near there to get it. They just passed by. The short walk to the entrance and fresh air was good for me.

God gives us exactly what we ask for when we seek him diligently and believe without a doubt! Many of us almost pass up our blessings like I almost did. Thank God for the Holy Spirit and discernment to know to go back and get my blessing.

After all, it was what I asked for. I’m finding out Faith and Patience go hand in hand. In an impatient society, we have become accustomed to we want what we want…Right Now! God is always preparing us for greater than we give ourselves credit for. My lesson today was when I see it, go for it the first time even if I must wait. God’s time is just that His time. It can be fast or slow in the natural. We must have a spirit of expectancy at all times with Him!

As I was leaving, there was a gentleman in a small, silver car, coming in that looked at me like he wanted my spot. He didn’t want to block traffic, therefore he quickly drove around to gain my spot the right way. I took my time getting adjusted in the car to give him time to get back. I drove off and he pulled in. When God blesses us, we need to bless others. Just be mindful of those around you because you were once in their position.

Are you seeking God in All areas of your life…down to the parking spot? God wants it All!!

What are you missing out on when your looking for the hilltop blessing, but your blessing is in the valley?


2 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

    • Such a awesome testimony of recognizing a blessing when you ask for one.
      ……and remember, we don’t know who God’s going to put in our path to be a blessing to us or us to them.

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