Alzheimers vs Cancer


There are so many different diseases out there,
How did Alzheimers and Cancer creep it’s way in?
It snuck in like the silent of night
Wrecking havoc in my great-grandmother brain.
Her state became altered and her mind
Unclear. Why oh why did you choose my great-grandmother dear?
It was our first experience with this dreadful disease
But not our last…why oh why Lord Please?
When my great-grandmother was given her wings,
It wasn’t the last of this dreadful disease.
Quickly the warnings bells sounded
Alzheimers captured my grandmother and we were astounded!
No, not again, but this time we were prepared…As we knew what to look for
To care for my grandmother whom we all adored.
Her changes were a slow progression, our time was well spent!
Eating out was her favorite as we never spared a dime.
I think about a lot of things I wanted to ask, but ran out of time.
She progressed slowly over the years, until the nursing home became her new dwelling.
I faded off as I couldn’t handle seeing her decline.
My mother remained faithful as she was an only child.
Family was so small , but God had us through it all!
She fought the fight right along with her and I supported them both. Oh how I wish I could of done much more.
I loved her so much. Her eyes danced when she saw me. Words were silent and only spoken from the heart. If I listened quietly, I could watch her soul dance through her eyes.
The signs were all there, but we didn’t see it. Her years turned to months, months to days, then days to mere hours.
Before we knew it, time stood still. The doctors prognosis came crashing home. Pancreatic Cancer took over her ailing body. What looked like Pneumonia on Wednesday became the bitter end on Thursday.
Hearing the hospice words cut deep, but I had to hold on for my sweet mother dear. I couldn’t break down because it’s my time to be her rock. My time to step up and be the woman God has made me. He set the beautiful women before me as examples of how to be.
I slept in the room with my mom and grandma until the end. A few short days which was a lovely eternity….Angels came and whispered her name the glorious Monday morning. Pain was no more as her spirit is now at home to rest.
Alzheimers or Cancer you ask…..I say neither.
Cherish your loved ones as we don’t know the day nor the hour when our number will be called.
Say how you feel to your loved ones, spend time, forgive, and truly cherish each moment.

Most of all Love God, yourself and all the people God has put in your path for a reason…..Embrace Life!!!


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