New Day…New Thoughts!


Each new day is a time for change. Even God said in his word, to renew our minds daily. Yet, many wait until today for a day of reflection of an entire year! Don’t get me wrong, if it works for you then go for it. Let’s think of it this way…we make many “so called” resolutions that barely last a month and we fall back into the same pattern. Reason being we are trying to live up to unrealistic goals. We think at the time, Yes, I can do this..but slowly fade day after day.

Imagine if you practice one thing over and over for the next 21-30 days. It becomes a habit. What positive habits are you trying to form? What negative habits are you wanting to break?

We can’t cram a years worth of do overs into a month or two of resolutions. Start small and you just might see what your looking for. For instance, I want to slow down my sweet intake. Each day I want to make a conscious effort to eat less or when I crave it find a healthier replacement. I’m not gonna go cold turkey, because that’s unrealistic for me. The first time I fail, I will get mad at myself and say well better luck next year. That becomes the end of that and the vicious cycle returns even without my approval. How many of you have experienced that?

It’s time to be intentional with our lives. Life is too short to keep playing games. We need to live on Purpose! To find your purpose, you must go deep within and talk to God. In time, it will be revealed, so be patient.

Each day is filled with New Grace and New Mercy!  We do have another chance to be better than the day before. Why wait until one day at the end of the year to overwhelm yourself with things that most likely have already been handled. If there is lingering baggage…STOP Right Now and take care of it! This should become part of our daily intentions. Take 20 minutes at the end of your day for reflections. Just to get to know yourself, admit what you could have done better, ask for forgiveness, thankful for what you did correct, acceptance for what is knowing it can’t be changed, and let go!

Make a deliberate effort to love yourself and take care of yourself! I’m talking to myself right now! It feels good to take care of others, but you can’t do that if your own health is paying the price of neglect. 

Keep a journal or notebook…just write! Even if it’s a sentence to yourself….Helps you process things.  Allows you to put things into perspective. 

We can’t change the past, but we can learn from it, share the memories and let the rest go! One day, One moment at a time! 2015 is game time, so no more sidelines! Get back to living on purpose….Just how God has intended your life to be! I’m starting Today….My Journey Continues…..

Love and Blessings!!

Happy New Year!!!


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