Love….Do you know him?

Love means many things to many people. Whether it’s being in love with someone special, loving your friends, loving your family unconditionally, or being able to truly love yourself…..Love simply is LOVE. The best meaning I know is God is love! He loved us enough to give us Jesus, who died for our sins, so we may believe in him and have eternal life! Now just think about that for a moment……

Love is one of the most misused, misunderstood, and most thrown around word ever!! People often say it without meaning it! Why do we lie to others and ourselves? Is it to pacify the flesh without letting someone in our heart? Or merely to prevent being hurt? Close your eyes and imagine the purest image of Love….What do you see? Some questions just need to be pondered without an immediate response.

Real Love is unconditional. No conditions, no barriers, no judgments, and even after a storm, it feels renewed! Growing up we recognize love as butterflies in the stomach or speechless around someone or just scribbling their name with yours and drawing a heart around it. Those were the innocent days, yet mainly based on conditions. It was the condition of if they like me in return, what they were going to do for me or how well we talked. It was cute being infatuated with someone purely based on looks. When you grow up things change…or do they? Love is touching another’s soul without fear! The outside is grand but the inside is home! Communication, patience, kindness, ability to be yourself, trust, honesty, integrity, are all important in loving someone yet there is so much more!

Many of us are shown love by the examples set in our household. We watch how our parents show love, how they treat us, how they interact with other family members and mostly what do they say about themselves. My mother was a loving, kind and caring person to all she came in contact with. I can honestly say she loves unconditionally. My father loves his family, but I think what he saw as a child impacts his way of displaying love. As I got older, I began to notice the difference. It created misconceptions of what real love is. I associated love with material things or “grown-up” things. I was on a downward spiral going no where fast. It wasn’t until I fully surrendered myself to God when He began teaching me about love, telling me I had to first love myself.

True Love finally took over me and I won’t let it go! I want to share it in the purest form! How you ask? By allowing God to dwell in my heart and share Him with all I meet.

I’m in love with my husband! I love my children, my family and friends! Do you know the difference? We will save the discussion of in love and loving for another day! We may get upset, even argue, but the smiles, birthdays, celebrations, laughter, sharing memories, hugs, kisses, and just being in each others lives far exceeds the bad! Tell your loved ones you love them daily…..As we are not promised tomorrow!

Our love journey continues……….


Remember love is an action…it does! Just saying it, isn’t enough! What have you done for someone you loved today?


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