Finding Faith Through Pain

Have you ever had a life altering conversation that was ordained by God? Well…OMG I did and chains were broken. No more fear of judgment of past transgressions or feeling less than the woman God designed me to be.  Best advice: Pray for a God ordained prayer and accountability partner! The one God gave me is unlike any other. It was years in the making…God’s timing is always best! I always say…treat people as you want to be treated because God put them in your life for a reason, season or lifetime!

I am a person who loves to help others and allows my own problems to take root deep within. Who could I talk to besides God? What do you do when you hold in a secret so deep that will shred all relationships in your life? Some things I will take to the grave. Some cause a thorn in my side that pierces so deep, I can no longer fathom the pain of relying on myself. Is God teaching me to depend on him in everything down to the small things? I say yes! Is he strengthening me to have unwavering faith? Yes! It’s a painful period now and I don’t see an end in sight. I guess this gives me a clear understanding to “walking by faith and not by sight.”

The pressures of family, health, work, finances are things we all face, yet some on different levels. I couldn’t even imagine if someone told me things I would be facing now. I’m so torn and confused. My body is in pain, but I must endure this race. I’ve built up such a high tolerance to pain, I forget what to tell the doctor. Sadly, but true! I get home and think I should have said this or that. I am surrendering to His will right now. I can’t complete this race on my own. I thought….I’ve been down this road before, but I keep coming around the same mountain. I question myself, what did I miss the first time? Did I miss the moral of the story the first few times? I did, so now what?

I’m still in the midst of this storm, so my testimony is in progress. My breakthrough is ahead, so in the mean time….Back to square one…Starting Over!  Reading His Word and Prayer!

My Journey Continues Even When My Pain Cuts Deep!



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