Marriage….Little Girl Dream vs Reality?

Have you really sat and thought about what marriage is? What it means to commit to one person under God forever? Many just think of the “BIG DAY” without much thought to what happens the day after.

As a little girl, I used to think of the gorgeous, all white dress embellished with Swarovski Crystals that accented my curvy figure with the long train that would be held by at least 4 little girls. I never pictured the man, just one that would be out of this world handsome. The ceremony would be held on a breathtaking church with music playing that sounded like angels singing. I would have tons of bridesmaids dressed in mixed colors and flowers that would make even a grown man cry at such a wondrous site. The church would be filled with our family and friends who would greet us in a brilliantly decorated outdoor reception. My new husband would literally sweep me off my feet as we rode off into the sunset on a horse drawn carriage. Our honeymoon would be in a far off, exotic location where we would be on the beach relaxing and enjoying each other. My thoughts after would be have 2 kids, a girl and a boy, a dog with a big house and careers that would make us rich. Now, we would live happily ever after.

The alarm bell goes off and I wake up from a dream reality or was it? Did I imagine this to be a true event in my life?

Well, my wedding was so much farther from my little girl dreams! Oh Boy was it, but it was just what I wanted at the time. I only wanted to marry my husband. Nothing else mattered. I still remember the day he proposed like it was yesterday. It was midnight,  beginning of my birthday which is on Valentine’s Day. He got down on one knee, I was floored. The little girl dreams came flooding back to my mind. I was getting married, but a question stuck in the back of my mind, “What does marriage really mean?” I quickly learned through failed relationships what I really wanted in a husband. At the time, I was still learning about myself and how to be a complete woman to join a complete husband. Well, that reality didn’t happen to years later, after the wedding. So that’s another blog for another day. Lol

The biggest key was who is going to pay for that dream wedding. Wow…didn’t give much thought to that as a little girl. All I can say is when God is in it…it’s already done! My husband and I were so blessed to walk away from that day debt free. I learned the wedding day was about what my husband and I wanted. So many people had opinions and relationships were strained, I sometimes look back like I wish I would have just went away. Knowing I can’t change the past, I quickly shifted my focus on why I got married.

No one ever told me about the day after. You wake up and your last name has officially changed. I saw the gorgeous wedding ring on my finger and knew this was real. I looked over to see the most handsome man who loved me for me. The question rose up again saying….What’s Next?

To be continued………


One thought on “Marriage….Little Girl Dream vs Reality?

  1. I absolutely love this post. You really hit the nail on the head with this one! You mentioned two very important points:
    1. Getting married without going into debt

    2. No one ever talks about the day after.

    Both of these really hit home for me. I too was blessed not to go into debt with my wedding. That is so key and I think many people focus on the big day and loose sight of the life that must be built after the big day. This leads into the second point you made about the lack of discussion about the day after. Before my husband and I married, we went through three months of premarital counseling. It was definitely beneficial and helped us through many situations, but yet there was no counseling after the marriage. No discussion on what to do after saying “I do”. Can’t wait until the next post!

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