A Mother’s Prayers

As a mother of three very handsome son’s, I never in a million years experienced intercessory prayer like I have over the past few months. I knew my mother and grandmother’s prayers carried me through my younger, “wild” years, but now it’s my time. A praying mother indeed is a necessity! I have a new prayer life and stronger belief in God…intercessory prayer is powerful! Carrying a baby, terrible twos, potty training, teething, overall going through childhood never prepared me for a son being 20 and becoming an adult. Why didn’t someone warn me? I can now imagine how my parents felt when something happened to me. I didn’t understand why people would pass up on the miracle of childbirth, oh but now I do. LOL Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is a miracle and blessing I don’t take for granted! At times, it can be stressful, overwhelmimg, and down right hard. Your mothering never really ends even when they get older. You learn, grow and become wiser as the years go by to pass down your own experiences to your kids as they become parents.

I can’t thank God enough for allowing me to give birth to my youngest son. The devil was trying to end it before it began. The doctor tried to tell me I couldn’t carry another one, also said he may have Down’s syndrome, wanted to abort it, he tried to make his grand entrance too early, they sent an intern to give me a spinal who kept missing…BUT GOD said different. It taught me to push through despite the pain, unpleasing circumstances or what man said and Always listen to what God says. Sometimes our own testimony creates a new Joy within ourselves. It ministers to our own spirit when we need it just as a reminder that He is always there and if He did it before He will do it again and even better!! 



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