Lost In Circumstances?

Are you tired of letting your circumstances define you? Limiting a world of possibilities because you are facing some unfortunate and unplanned events. STOP IT RIGHT NOW! This is more for me than it is for you. I’m so beside myself right now that I don’t see how to make this right. But God stepped right in and said keep praising me, keep following me, and keep listening for my voice. He said I haven’t left, but I need you to be obedient and remain in my will for you! Really God? That’s all I have to do. He said yes! See that’s powerful to me because he gives us new grace and mercies each day! We are just like our own children to him. He disciplines us with love. He has to correct us because there’s so much for us to let go of. We must bear good and productive fruit. The dead, old things need to be torn off for us to be effectively used in his kingdom. Yes, he allowed things to happen to produce a greater level of faith, strength, perseverance, love, trust and to know He truly provides all things for us. We constantly seek out advice from family, friends, co-workers, and maybe even strangers when we have problems. Why? Hmmmm…that’s like trying to fix a TV with your bedroom dresserĀ manual. Go to who designed you, there is no one else like you. He knows our end from the beginning. He will send the right person to confirm what he’s told. Remember when a person tells you something, it shouldn’t be the first time you heard it. God will tell you directly and if you still haven’t moved he will bring you confirmation. It all should line up with his word. If it doesn’t, it’s not from God.

I’m ready to keep taking steps as long as He is my guide. I’m tired, weary and body is taking its toll. I’m not old yet. I need and will do better. It starts to effect my relationships and before you know it, it creates that snowball effect. Thank God I’m realizing it sooner than later. I can do so much for others, yet neglect myself to the point where when I look in the mirror, I’m not staring back at myself. This should never happen. Who stepped in….an imposter made up of a million and one excuses of why my needs come last. I had to meditate on His word of renewing my mind daily to snap out of this vicious cycle.

Our mouth can hinder our progress with negative words, talking down about ourselves, disrespecting others, saying opposite of God’s word, and especially not asking for forgiveness. Also, need to watch my thoughts as they can quickly turn into words. Once words are spoken you can never get them back. There is power of life and death in our tongue, so we need to be mindful of this at all times. Take a few seconds before speaking to decide am I doing more harm than good. Self checks are necessary. This is why writing is fundamental to helping you with this daily. You can read and reread your words, erase and start over, yet once spoken they are in the atmosphere forever.

I found out that writing in my journal allowed me to be completely honest with myself. No lies, no covering up things, just transparent with the truth on how I really feel. Whether it’s about people in my life, dreams to accomplish, goals, or confronting my past that keeps trying to reintroduce itself into my present life…I will write!

Fear is no longer welcome here….just me, my pen and paper……a voice once lost, through finding the right words, is finally finding it’s way back to me.

My journey continues…….


2 thoughts on “Lost In Circumstances?

  1. This is awesome Karen. Your words are definitely for me TODAY! I have been meditating on the same thing you wrote about. I too am facing what appear to be major circumstances, BUT GOD! Psalms 91 says “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…” Our victory comes from our service and obedience to God. Through that, he gives us the blueprint to overcome every circumstance and obstacle. As always, I thank God for your ministry. It is definitely needed.

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