Detours…Necessary For Growth!

While driving home from our family vacation in Branson, signs were up saying detour ahead. It was a sunny day, yet had been raining earlier before we got on the road. A detour to me was I can take it or keep straight. As I continued driving, I kept watching the signs as they were getting closer. Although the signs said detour they didn’t say why. I’m a curious creature always trying to go against the odds. About 40 miles down the road, I could finally see police urging people to take the detour. Firefighters were stopping people to give directions to drivers who chose to exit. Cars were following each other either to safety or only God knows what. At this moment I had to make a choice, as some were by passing the detour and keeping straight on the highway. What to do, Lord? Didn’t hear anything so I immediately took the detour. Maybe I should have asked Him awhile ago, but Lord watch over us was all I could say. My palms began to sweat as I began driving through unknown territory. Narrow roads, trees and woods on each side with 18 wheelers in front and in back of me. No room for driving error or we would be goners. I held on tightly and kept driving. Sharp curves, broken down bridges, state penitentiary we’ve never heard of and people coming out of homes as if they don’t ever get traffic. Thank God we had plenty of gas. Our middle son didn’t fare too well on our detour as breakfast quickly made its exit into a plastic bag. No where to stop…just keep going.

2 hours later, we see signs for Rolla. Thank you Jesus familiar town ahead. As we approached the interstate, we were all very thankful we made back on the highway. Finally arriving home, we settled back in after enjoying our vacation and new memories we made.

The next morning on the news, we saw the highway we were on had been shut down due to massive flooding. Cars were stranded overnight and were just now being able to pass. All I could say was Thank You Lord for your direction. Sometimes his voice may be quiet but we must follow our gut, intuition, really it’s the Holy Spirit! Detours are necessary to keep us from danger or much worse. Fear of the unknown would have kept me and my family on the road. But God! Don’t ignore the signs that he gives like the signs on the highway for me. When you look back you see they were there for you to help you. Take the blinders off to have a full, clear view!

Enjoy the pit stops, detours, delays, and especially the rewards along the way on your journey through life. It’s all designed for you…the good and even the bad. It’s all for your purpose so at times you may need to crawl, walk, run, or just be still…Don’t lose your focus on Him!

Don’t Give Up! A detour may just be what you need right now!



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