Finally Getting Started

Have you ever wanted to do something completely out of the box? Like your passion….which is that one thing that motivates you, but you don’t know where to start. You’ve heard people say over and over you should do this because you’re really good at it. Why haven’t you started? Are you stuck? Is it fear? Are you looking for someone to push you rather than get out there and help yourself?  I had to ask myself those questions. Honestly, I was stuck and scared. Chronic Procrastination at its best had my name all over it.  Am I scared of the unknown or not handling the success that comes with my passion? Good question or maybe it’s insecurity rising to the surface of being really good at something for the first time in my life using my own ability. Stepping out of my safe zone into a realm where I don’t need anyone’s approval. Just allowing God’s gift that he gave me to finally operate in the natural. Some may understand what I just said and others may not, but as we get to know each other you will. This feels so good to finally write outside of my notebooks and journals.

Being true to myself is freeing and I suggest everyone who reads this to do the same. Follow your purpose! Follow your heart! Don’t stop and don’t allow others opinions to hinder your progress! Believe in yourself and know if it’s God’s will for your life….He surely will see you through!

Let’s chat about your purpose….you never know why you stumbled onto my blog!


2 thoughts on “Finally Getting Started

  1. This is simply amazing. Thank you for having the courage to say what so many are thinking–including me. It’s mind blowing how much time we spend fulfilling the dreams of others, while at the same time neglecting the vision and purpose God has placed inside US! I’ve wanted to write a book for years, but whenever I would make up my mind to seriously persue it, I would think of every excuse possible: “It will take too long…I don’t have the money to invest in publishing…I’ve never done this before…What if no one likes my work? ” The list goes on and on. When I thought about my excuses, all of them were based on MY ability–what I could or could not do at the moment. One thing I am learning is to value the gifts I have and realize that if God so graciously gave them to me, they are to be used to benefit others, not collect dust. So kudos to you Karen for taking the big plunge! You have definitely inspired me and many others to dig deep and dust off our treasures that have been hidden for so long.


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